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So I think it's about time for a FAQ on here! I will probably Update this a few times with new things and questions~

1."What is this group?"
This is a Steven universe Fangem rebel group!

2."Who is allowed to join?"
Anyone can join! As long as your a fan of Steven Universe and have fangems, you are welcome~

3."How many gems are we allowed?"
At this point in time, you can have as many as you want! In the future I will be setting a limit though.

4." Since this is a rebel group, do pearls and or other gems need owners?"
No they don't! If you want them to belong to someone that's okay! They are free to do and be who they want in this court~

5."Does it have to be certain coloured gems to follow under the founders?"
Nope! ANY coloured gem can follow under any of the founders! If you want to go by colours, you're welcome too~
Tho some diamonds may want certain gems to follow under them, but it doesn't matter (ex: animal themed/named gems for animal kingdom/ canary diamond)

6."How long are the apps opened for?"
I'd say for a while! I'd be hoping to leave it open until I get too many! Once that happens, i'll open it once a month~

7."Do we have to draw the characters for the apps?"
Yes! I'd prefer it for sure. But if you have a custom gem or an adopted gem you got, I may be willing to let them in. You'd have to credit the artist/designer and make sure it was okay with them to upload their art! But I do have the right to refuse your character to enter the group.

8."How to we submit an app?"
Well when you make the app, you must credit me and the group! I will look over the character to make sure its good, if there are anything that needs to be fixed I will tell you! Once that is done, you'll be able to submit an app to the group.  You must be a member to enter a character to the group.

9."I'm trying to get in the group, but it wont let me. What do I do?"
If this is a problem, then the group may be closed at the time to let new people enter. BUT if it is opened and you are still having this problem, message the group and I'll send you a invite and try to fix the problem!

10."Where does this group take place?And what is it?"
The Castle is on a island in the middle of the ocean on earth! There are warp pads so gems can come and go as they please! This is just a place for them to call 'home' or 'base' if they need it. There are many different parts of the island, and they have many cool places for your gems to go!
There are other places that each diamond controls, or owns! There will be info on those places once i get time to draw/ or write about them~

11."Do certain gems have to go under certain ranks?"
No actually! Any gem is welcome under all ranks!

* I would like to note now, more diamonds/founders will be added once they are designed or drawn! the current ones are: Red, purple, koi, moon, canary--*
If you have an other questions, just message the group, send it a note or send sariasong64 a note! If I have co-owners and stuff added you can ask them as well~
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A Gem Fangroup Inspired by the lovely Deer-Head 's group!





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Prepare to be spammed with fangems.

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Interesting. I am looking forth to more info on thia group
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thanks! I'll try to post some more info later today~